Holistic Medicine in Fort Collins, Colorado

Welcome to a medical care tradition with over 4500 years of continual practice, research, and integrity.

Welcome to a health care system that puts the patient first, one that recognizes you as an individual, not as a statistic.

Welcome to Japanese Acupuncture, or Hari, a system that holds these traditions in the highest regard amongst all other systems of Oriental Medicine.

Welcome to the past, present and future of medicine.

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Want to try Acupuncture, but don’t like the needles? Try Hari!
Japanese Acupuncture or Hari is a powerful alternative to traditional deep needling techniques employed by Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners....more

Running out of options for your child or infant?
Shonishin is a Japanese system for children that works with the body’s energy, without the use of needles or harsh stimulation techniques....more

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