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Many of the people seeking alternative medicine have been through the gamut of western treatments for a series of seemly disconnected symptoms and disorders.  Many who come to my practice have received multiple diagnosis’s or have been told they will have to be put on a medication for the rest of their life, usually finding little or no relief for such treatments.

This is fundamentally because the nervous system has not been addressed and brought into balance on a daily basis. Past experiences and traumas can last with us and leave their impact on our bodies and nervous systems.  Our healing resources become co-opted in the fight for survival, resulting in chronic pain, anxiety/ depression, auto-immune disorders and chronic inflammation.  By resetting and bringing into balance the body’s innate wisdom and healing capacity, the nervous system is able to regulate and bring stability and vibrant health back to one’s life.

My role as your practitioner is to be a guide, to teach you the language of your nervous system and give you tools to enable you to bring balance and health back on your own, in your day to day life. By integrating the modalities of Japanese Acupuncture, Chinese Herbology, Bio Dynamic Cranial Sacral Therapy, Source Point Therapy, Sotai movement therapy and bodywork I am able to use right method for your nervous system.

When you receive a treatment at Old Town Acupuncture, I will be with you, in the room the whole time.  This enables me to be witness to the changes that are occurring from moment to moment in your nervous system, and shift the treatment as necessary.  Each person and every treatment are unique, this is not a protocol based system of healing. After 15 years of practice I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t.  The herbs and supplements I prescribe are minimal and targeted to help you in a step by step recovery. It is my goal not to overwhelm, either with supplements or never ending treatment schedules. I work within a wonderful northern Colorado community of healers who I refer patients to when necessary.  This includes MDs, Rolfers, Nutritionists and Naturopaths, Counselors, Shamans, Physical therapists,  and Massage.  Together we can find the right path forward for you.


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