About Kent Nixon, Practitioner of Japanese Acupuncture

About Old Town AcupunctureAfter graduating from CSU in 1998 with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, I worked for a year with at-risk youth, here in Fort Collins. Although the work was extremely rewarding I was disheartened by the use of chemical pharmaceuticals in the treatment of behavioral disorders. With a background in martial arts, the Eastern view of the body, it’s organ systems, and how these relate to emotional states was already familiar to me. It was at this time that I decided to embrace the healing methods of the Eastern culture through the study of acupuncture and Chinese Herbology.

For the next three years, Kent studied Chinese Medicine at the prestigious International Institute of Chinese Medicine. One of the oldest schools in the United States, IICM had a regular flow of fresh, top level teachers coming in from China. Here I was hardened in the ways of TCM, or Traditional Chinese Medicine. At this time I also started studying Tai Chi, Ba Gua, And Hsing Yi, all internal martial arts, with Sifu Brain Lee. These martial arts, combined with my study of QiGong (literally energy exercise) led me to desire a deeper connection to the energetic body than TCM had to offer.

After former schooling, I sought the instruction of Sensei Koei Kuahara, a renowned Japanese acupuncturist who was teaching his system of Meridian Therapy, or Hari, in Santa Fe. Through Hari, my sensitivity as a practitioner was refined to an artful level, enabling me to give more gentle yet more effective and precise treatments.

After graduating in 2003, and while studying with Sensei Kuahara, I opened a practice and also worked with a non-profit group the Community Acupuncture Project in Santa Fe. Here I was able to gain a lot of varied experience in a short amount of time.

After my studies were completed I returned to Fort Collins to offer this unique and effective style of acupuncture to the community.