Nutritional Counseling

Do I Need Nutritional Counseling?

Nutritional Counseling Fort Collins, COEveryone knows that diet and nutrition are instrumental in maintaining good health! Dietary changes and nutrition are fully integrated into the theories of Chinese Medic and are key to maintain health and success in a Chinese Medicine treatment. As such, Traditional Chinese dietary recommendations are given to patients throughout treatment. Additionally, I frequently make recommendations for western nutritional supplements as needed.

At Old Town Acupuncture we provide nutritional counseling. We offer a couple of products worth mentioning. First a pro-biotic mixture called In-Liven, which is uniquely organic blend of healthy beneficial intestinal flora designed to repopulate your intestinal tract after antibiotic regimens, birth control pills, or a just a bad diet. And second, an aloe-vera and liquid nutrient supplement called Body Balance. I have found that the combination of these two products can bring someone’s health back rapidly from the effects of a bad diet, antibiotics, toxins and stress.